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For over 50 years ICL has proudly offered specialty phosphate solutions to the beverage industry.  The diverse ICL portfolio consists of high-quality functional phosphate and mineral systems to deliver buffering, pH adjustment, protein protection and shelf life enhancement.  ICL technology and ingredient function is best demonstrated in working with customers collaboratively.  ICL goes above and beyond supplying ingredients for their customers, whether it involves working at their locations or working in-house at ICL’s newly renovated technical center outside St. Louis, MO.  ICL’s technical center is fully equipped with HTST/UHT and Retort capabilities to assist customers in development, formulating and testing.  Further, ICL offers technical assistance so they can stay connected to the process even after product launch. 

One of ICL’s premium blends is JOHA® B 50, a superior solution for high protein beverage stability.  This functional blend of phosphates offers excellent buffering capability and protein protection for dairy based RTDs.  Whether it is ESL, UHT, or Retort processing, JOHA® B 50 works to protect emulsions from heat-induced acid formation.  Protection during processing is key to maintaining product quality and stability throughout shelf-life.  JOHA® B 50 continues to guard and support dairy proteins throughout the product’s shelf life by binding calcium and other minerals that would otherwise latch onto proteins, causing unwanted sedimentation and age gelation.

In the growing plant-based beverage market ICL knows that stability and fortification are important to consumers.  BEKAPLUS® DC 8 was developed to stabilize a variety of plant-based beverages, from RTDs to coffee creamers.  BEKAPLUS® DC 8 is a label-friendly ingredient solution that provides buffering and pH adjustment to beverages.  ICL’s micronized Tricalcium Phosphate, CAL-Sistent®, delivers the calcium customers want in an easy-to-utilize particle size for the beverage industry.  Amongst ICL’s multitude of offerings are also Magnesium and Potassium based ingredients as well as many options for sodium reduction.  ICL’s Salona® Sea Salt is tailored to help reduce sodium in a product up to 25% without compromising quality or taste.

Whether providing key ingredient solutions, training, formulation assistance, or troubleshooting shelf-life issues, ICL’s technical experts are committed to working closely with customers to develop some of the best products on the market today.


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