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Experienced product development team offers its expertise in the design, formulation and testing of fitness drinks, energy drinks, powders, capsules, tablets, gels, shots, among other categories. We have a GMP and NSF certified lab which is cost competitive domestically. Our team can source manufacturing in Asia as well. We just completed Shamrock Slam, a new fitness drink endorsed by UFC Hall of Fame Inductee Ken Shamrock. It has Zero Sugar, only 3 g's of carbs, 2500 mg's of Branch Chain Amino Acids, Acai, Pomegranate, Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean and only 25 calories in 12 Ounces. Shamrock Slam has no after taste, it has a delicious custom Tropical Punch Flavor with no artificial colors. Shamrock Slam is electrolyte rich, anti-oxidant rich & anti-catabolic. Our new drink also builds muscle, burns fat, enhances stamina and assists with muscle recovery. We specialize in highly technical formulas with unbeatable specifications. See jugular.com and shamrockslam.com. Our design team is exceptional and we have access to up to 1.2 million sq. ft. of fulfillment space....Ask for Michael. Email: jugular1@earthlink.net and michael@jugular.com 714-307-4619


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