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Created by nature in the endless heart of the Patagonia, LauquenNatural Artesian Mineral Watercomes from eternal pure ice and rain naturally purified by the Andes Mountains, andimbued with anunique blend of minerals.Confined in a natural underground source in Patagonia -a pristine artesian aquifer 1750 ft deep below the Andes-Lauquenemerges on the surface absolutely pure at a temperature of 39ºF.Lauquenis the leading southernmost premium mineral water brand and is an international player that is synonymous of elegance, prestigeand sophistication. Created to be the ultimate water experience, Lauquen Natural Artesian Mineral Wateris positioned in the luxury premium market. With a highly exclusive distribution approach, selling only to the finest hotels, restaurants, retailers, wine bars and corporate boardrooms worldwide.


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