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For the first time, Let's Mongo, Incorporated is bringing to the Latin market, something NEW. A NEW line of bottled Tea called "Tomandote". This is not just any tea but something we all have had at one time or another. "Como Tú Abuela lo hacía, "Like your Grandma used to make" exactly and possibly even better. The concentration you get when you brew tea at home is minimal but our products have two to three times the concentration, to give you the BEST of Iced cold tea or the GREAT taste of freshly brewed tea. You will experience the most wonderful aroma the second you remove the cap. With a crisp, clean, lemony taste of Lemongrass/ Té de Limón. The early, aromatic taste of Cinnamon/ Canela and the fresh, cool taste of Mint/ Hierbabuena. These bottled teas are NOW available for your enjoyment, satisfaction, and indulgence right from your local retailer, order online at Tomandote. net or call (818) 660-2242. Please experience these great, wonderful products, and more to come... "Because this is just the beginning". *Enjoy HOT or COLD

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