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Services: Bottling, Co-Packing


Looking for a beverage filler in North America?

Atrium Innovations is a publicly listed company that owns various bottling facility in Canada and USA, a business that generate an annual 425M$ per year. That said, they are known for a personnalized service, can manage small minimum runs when required, have flexibility on their line (PET, glass, 28mm to 38mm neck finish, sleeve, label, big production capacity when needed) and can assist with your bottling / R&D questions and projects.

Specialized in bottling small formats to bigger ones in the RTD segment, Atrium is known for producing energy shots, energy drinks, functionnal beverages, water and other beverages cost-effectively, their quick turnover (production leadtime) and packaging ability are also one of their strenghts. Example of this flexibility and capabilities, Atrium is integrating a carbonation capacity as we speak. Atrium also manufactures supplements in one of their division based in Pittsburgh (pills, tablets, capsules, powders or strips).

Atrium's filling plant has organic certifications, for clients who are bottling juices and wish to have an organic facility. The groups has cutting edge technologies to help you standardize production, proprietary herbal extracts or active ingredients, to improve formulation or back your claims scientifically.


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