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Liquid Lightning
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Liquid Lightning Energy Drink


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“Aiming to be the leader in energy drinks by having the best taste and highest quality, combining powerful vitamins and minerals for a supercharged energy boost without the ‘crash.’ Liquid Lightning was designed and formulated with cutting edge thinking, creativity and an unmistakable passion for life.”

Liquid Lightning supercharges the body’s natural energy making process; some of its highly effective main ingredients include caffeine and taurine to fight drowsiness and boost absorption of nutrients, inositol to amp up a positive mental state, panax ginseng, vitamin C and niacin B3, vitamin B12 for resistance to stress and fatigue and to reinforce the immune system and riboflavin B2, vitamin B6 and pantothenate B5 to accelerate energy production.

Most notably, Liquid Lightning does not contain any sodium, fat or cholesterol, so there is no ‘crash’; a feeling commonly experienced with other energy drinks. Liquid Lightning is currently available in both regular and sugar-free 16oz and 8.4oz

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Liquid Lightning rolls out new packaging

New York, NY March 2010 – For many, having good taste is an art form that takes a lifetime to acquire, but for Liquid Lightning, great taste comes naturally. Formulated with 0 Sodium and significantly higher dosages of vitamins and minerals (including 210% of Vitamin C and 1290% of B12), the best tasting energy drink on the market is launching brand new packaging for it’s …

Hiball launches line of sparkling energy juice


SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 3, 2009) – Hiball Energy, the pioneer of clear sparkling energy water, has launched its new line of lightly sweetened, Hiball Sparkling Energy Juice drinks. All Hiball Energy beverages will now be packaged in a taller, sleeker and more elegant 10 oz. glass bottle with a custom Hiball logo twist crown finish.

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