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The LBB story began in 2001 when award-winning creative director John Nunziato decided to offer clients a new way to approach their branding. With a boutique, hands-on approach, the company quickly gained new clients and garnered attention from the industry, adding world-class talent to its roster along the way.

Today, LBB has grown to one of the most well-respected independent brand consultancies in the United States. But through it all, the original philosophy remains: treat our clients as we would ourselves. Handle each project with the same attention to detail and quality of work as if the brand were our own.

Company News

Introducing FIX: The First and Only Clinically Proven Youth-Enhancing Beverage

White Plains, NY – FIX, the first-of-its-kind clinically proven anti-aging beverage started hitting store shelves today, offering younger looking skin, and more healthy hair and nails, all within a 16 fluid ounce bottle. Package design firm, Little Big Brands partnered with FIX Brands Inc. to develop the look for the new beverage.

“Starting at age 18, collagen production begins to diminish by one percent a …

Something Natural Emerges From a Sea of Artificial Beverages

All-Natural Flavored Sparkling Water Launches in New England

White Plains, NY – Something Natural, an all-natural flavored sparkling water has launched in New England through Blue Coast/Great State Beverages, with aggressive plans for East Coast expansion by the end of next year. The company engaged design firm, Little Big Brands to create the brand’s identity and packaging.

“We are simplifying refreshment,” said Cheryl Meyer, director …

Give Water Launched New Packaging to Showcase Charitable Mission

Nyack, NY – Give Water has launched new packaging that pushes the product’s charitable mission to the forefront. PurBlu Beverages, GIVE’s parent company, partnered with Little Big Brands to amplify the brand’s voice.

GIVE Water is a fast-growing beverage brand on a mission. Consumers can choose from four varieties of GIVE: GIVE Hope, to women with breast cancer; GIVE Love, to protect our environment; Give …