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LogiChain Solutions LLC


Building sustainable food supply systems!

I am an advisor and the founder of LogiChain Solutions. I support companies that are at a pivotal moment with a need or opportunity for growth. Working hands-on from strategy to implementation, I focus on the company's operations and business goals while driving change that has both immediate and lasting impact. I approach operational issues and decisions with a holistic view of the business while considering sustainable practices throughout all elements of the value chain.


547 29th St
Unit 1
San Francisco, CA 94131
United States


415 795 2269


Services: Consulting, Legal

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LogiChain Solutions, as a virtual supply chain team, is complementing startup companies in areas like

  • supply chain strategy: align supply chain processes with the company’s vision and business strategy
  • supply chain network design: streamline supply chain costs while improving service metrics
  • supply chain diagnostics: measure the health and maturity of the company’s supply chain
  • supply chain risk management: manage risk and optimize business continuity in the supply chain
  • outsourcing of logistics services: explore advantages of outsourced solutions
  • supplier management: find the right warehouse provider or co-packer
  • transportation management & distribution: evaluate service providers and service models
  • sustainable supply chain: design a sustainable end-to-end supply chain
  • export / import: support in export, import and customs topics
  • procurement: evaluate suppliers for packaging, ingredients, and logistics services
  • contract management: negotiate rates, terms and conditions and draft agreements
  • project management: plan, execute and monitor projects including budget, schedule and resources  
  • general supply chain and logistics support: day-to-day support and supply chain “helpdesk”

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