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We are a very traditional export company from Brazil, we export beverages to distributors, supermarkets, liquor stores, etc. (www.losdani.com/beverages.htm)

We represent THE BIGGEST BEVERAGE MANUFACTURER IN SOUTH AMERICA, they produce all energy drinks made in Brazil, supply all big supermarket chains with a wide range of beverages. We also represent other beverage companies, so we are able to export Fruit Juices (Brazilian Fruits), Coconut Water, Tonic Water, Sodas (Brazilian Guarana, etc), Isotonics, Brazilian Cachaça, Wines, Sparkling Wines, Ice Drinks, Energy Drinks (same as Red Bull with Guarana) and more…

We export our brands or private label / private formulation products. We are able to develop any kind of beverage you need, with different flavors and packs.

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