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Food Companies: USA


Butter Craft Provisions is an Innovator:  Our finishing butter is 82% butterfat, Euro-style.  Six Dairy and Plant-Based styles give home cooks many ways to add delish to dinner.  Flavors from Black Truffle to Roasted Garlic, tailored to the insatiable American palate.  True Artisanal: Inspired by our French grand-mère – no fillers, artificial ingredients, or whipping.  Disruptor: Prices in at Grocery, but is just as at home in Specialty.   Ships frozen in color-matched merchandising sleeve.   

Plant-based flavors are blended with organic oils, and non-GMO, Rainforest-Certified ingredients.  All-American dairy flavors build on 82% butterfat, Euro-style butter.  Finishing butters are the new condiment, enhancing the flavor of everyday dishes.


Refrigerated/frozen dairy and plant based

1 oz. up to 8 oz sealed cups with foil lids/overcaps

1/2 oz. and up portion control butters

8 oz. up to 1 lb. logs in casing



Processed shelf stable fats

Private label only, minimums imposed

Glass jars with lids


None Specified