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Marquee Artisan Wines is a brand of Australian wines that are literally taken care of by hand, and are always a culmination of careful fruit selection, fine winemaking, master blending, and hard work. Marquee’s wines fall under the category of artisan wines because they are small-batch, hand-crafted products. Our company is committed to ensuring that our wines are offered at affordable prices for savvy consumers who appreciate great wines at an incredible value.

With the Classic Series, we created a house style – a collection of wines that consumers can trust to be drinkable, approachable with value prices. We also offer our Signature Series wines, a sophisticated group of premium wines made unique by their regional and varietal characteristics. The Marquee Romance Series showcases the dazzle of art in both the label and the winemaking, unique blends of ultra-premium fruit. Our sleek 'Q' logo and interesting labels are representative of our stylish, fruit-forward wines. Every bottle of Marquee is sealed with either the Stelvin Screwcap closure or the revolutionary new Diam cork closure for wine that is guaranteed to be free of taint. Learn about the new organic series of Argentinean wines from Marquee, Caligiore.


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