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When Maypro was founded in 1977 by the Japanese entrepreneur Steve Yamada, it was a small company with a big vision — to improve human health and happiness by importing the best-quality nutraceutical ingredients and fine chemicals to the US market from Asia.
At the time, the United States had the population to support massive growth of its fledgling dietary supplement industry, but suffered from a dearth of innovative ingredients. Japan, on the other hand, was developing groundbreaking nutraceuticals at breakneck speed, but its small population limited the ingredients’ growth potential. Maypro became the bridge between the two countries.
Many of today’s specialty blockbuster ingredients — such as CoQ10, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and alpha lipoic acid — were first introduced from Japan to the US market by Maypro. As the United States started to develop proprietary, patented nutraceutical ingredients in the 1990s, the bridge became two-way, with Maypro pioneering the introduction of Citrimax®, Pycnogenol®, Tonalin®, Neopuntia® and Liposan Ultra® and many other products to the Japanese market.
Today, Maypro has grown into one of the largest global suppliers of nutraceutical ingredients and fine chemicals, with six strategically located companies in the US, Japan and China and a global staff of over 50. We continue to build global bridges, expanding into Europe and Latin America, and now service hundreds of countries worldwide.


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