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For twenty years, Modular has been the leader in providing Industrial / Ruggedized Computers, Displays, Computer and Peripheral Enclosures and specifically designed to meet the harsh demands of factory/outdoor NEMA 4/4X / 12 computing environments. Modular's extensive field proven product portfolio offers you a complete array of product solutions to meet your severest and unique application requirement.

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Technomic: Shifts in the Adult Beverage Market Signal More Intense Competition in 2014

Whiskey surges as vodka slows, beer market evolves and domestics dominate wine

CHICAGO, March 12, 2014, PRNewswire — Declines in beer, the continued premiumization and price inflation across the industry is resulting in dollar increases and volume declines, according to Technomic’s just-released Special Trends in Adult Beverage Report: 2014 State of the Industry. Per capita consumption, volume and dollars rose for spirits and wine, …

Technomic: High-priced Adult Beverages Grow On-Premise Despite Overall Slowdown

CHICAGO, Dec. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Premium adult beverages are providing momentum to the on-premise channel despite cautious consumers. Higher-priced spirits and beer categories in particular are growing in restaurants and bars, although the channel is slowing overall according to Technomic’s just-released 2013 BarTAB Report. The on-premise channel grew in total volume (0.7 percent) to reach 1.9 billion gallons and sales rose 3.5 percent …

Technomic: Fall Flavors Surge in New Vodka Products

CHICAGO, Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Cranberry, caramel, apple and pumpkin are among the flavors showing up in flavored vodkas this fall, serving as inspiration for seasonal cocktails, according to the recent Seasonal Strategies micro-report on Technomic’s online DRINK database. Vodka suppliers and restaurant, bar and other on-premise operators are tapping into favorite and emerging fall flavors to stimulate specialty drink sales around Halloween, …

Exclusiv Vodka Launches XO Napoleon First Brandy Flavored Vodka

Manalapan, NJ (Tuesday, October 1, 2013)Exclusiv Vodka, one of the fastest-growing vodka brands on the market[1], has just launched the world’s first brandy flavored vodka, Exclusiv XO Napoleon. It carries a suggested retail price of $10 per 750 ml.

According to Serge Chistov, president of Serge Imports LLC, U.S. importers of Exclusiv Vodkas, “This is the first vodka of …

Technomic Reveals Hispanic Consumers are Crucial to Adult Beverage Industry

Spirits, wine and beer preferences and purchase habits will influence trends

CHICAGO, Sept. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — At nearly 33 million, U.S. Hispanics of legal drinking age (LDA) are important adult beverage consumers, and their influence will expand rapidly. By 2015, Hispanics will account for 15 percent of the total U.S. LDA population. By 2045, one-quarter of the U.S. LDA population will be Hispanic, according …

StarNectar Consults The Stars to Create Personalized Refreshments

SANTA CRUZ, CA (May 13, 2011)— StarNectar, a local beverage manufacturer that creates custom juice refreshments, today unveiled a new label design in celebration of its new retail partnership with Whole Foods Market.  StarNectar has created beverages that contain several safe plant extracts that are harvested when the stars are arranged, similarly to how they are arranged during the month when you were born.…

The Flow: Pom Sues FTC; Get Interbev 2010 Guide


  • Download BevNET’s show planner for InterBev 2010, taking place from September 22 – 24 in Orlando, Florida. Link
  • BevNET and Beverage Spectrum 2011 Media Kits are now available for download. Link
  • According to the Best Global Brands report from Interbrand, Coca-Cola is the world’s top performing brand. This is the 11th year in a row that the company have received the award. Link

The Flow: Regulate Kombucha?; Inside Coast


  • Coast Brands takes aim at the biggest problem for growing beverage companies: approvals from distributors and retailers. Link
  • Kombucha producers may decide to register as alcoholic beverage producers with the federal government rather than change the fermentation process with which the tea is made. The changes were prompted by the discovery that alcohol content was over the legal, 0.5 percent limit in some