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Monarch Beverages is a diversified, international beverage company operating in 35 countries and offering over 200 products spanning traditional carbonated soft drinks and New Age categories such as energy drinks.

Company News

Hedinger Brands, LLC purchases Dad’s Root Beer®

JASPER, IN, – Hedinger Brands, LLC, an Indiana limited liability company located in Jasper, IN, purchased the Dad’s Root Beer, Dr. Wells, Bubble Up and SunCrest brands from The Monarch Beverage Company, Inc. in Atlanta, and licensed those brands to The Dad’s Root Beer Company, LLC, also an Indiana limited liability company located in Jasper IN. Keith Hedinger is the President and CEO of both …

All Sport Line Extensions Add Nutrients, Shed Calories; New Sports Drinks Meet Demands of Health-Conscious Consumers

Sticking to a low-carbohydrate, low-sugar diet just got easier. The Monarch Beverage Company, a diversified international beverage corporation, has launched two new All Sport beverages that will enable consumers to protect their bones and joints and still maintain a low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diet.

All Sport(R) Zero offers all the hydration and benefits of All Sport Body Quencher(R), but without carbohydrates, sugar or calories. All Sport …

Rush! Energy® Energizes Brand with Lite Product, New Packaging

ATLANTA, April 21, 2003 — The Monarch Beverage Company, an Atlanta-based international beverage corporation, has launched a non-caloric version of its popular Rush! Energy® brand, dubbed Rush! Energy Lite®. The company also is unveiling the original Rush! Energy — previously available in 8.3-ounce cans only — in a new 16-ounce can. Both products are now in nationwide distribution to supermarkets, convenience stores and other outlets. …

All Sport Signs Sports Nutrition All-Star & Launches New Web Site

ATLANTA, March 17, 2003 – All Sport Body Quencher® announced today that sports nutritionist and author Dr. Kristine Clark has signed on to be the national spokesperson for the brand, offering expert advice in the “Health Zone” section of the new All Sport Web site, which launched today at
Dr. Clark is Director of Sports Nutrition at Penn State University, where she counsels …