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Introducing Vitamin + Fiber Water, America's 1st nutrient-enhanced water with both Vitamins AND Fiber. Packed with essential nutrients, its' got All the Healthy Stuff you need to stay forever young. 100% preservative and additive free! Each bottle contains more than 7 grams of friendly fiber, antioxident vitamins for your immune system, and comes in 7 'groov-a-lic-ious' tropical flavors.

Fiber - What about it?

According to the American Heart Association, the average American eats only half of the recommended daily value of fiber per day. Soluble fiber is the new champion endorsed by both the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association in reducing heart disease, diabetes, and lowering one's cholesteral. One bottle of Vitamin + Fiber Water contains MORE soluble fiber than a large apple, two slices of whole wheat bread, or two cups of spinach. Hey, let them think its all "good genes."

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