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The Purest Birch Water in The World!

Since 1996, Nordic Koivu has been producing 100% organic birch water (also called birch sap, or birch juice). Due to the growth of people’s interest in healthy and natural ingredients, birch water becomes one of the most desired beverage. It is the nature’s own superdrink! Besides, birch water has been drunk in Finland and other Northern countries for centuries, especially during and after cold Nordic winters to enhance and restore vitality.

We are the world's leading birch sap producer. Our Premium birch water is collected from the most pristine forests in North Finland. Nordic Koivu’s product is healthy, organic and 100% pure. It is the highest-quality birch water available on the market!

Our reliable automated system is based on over 25 years of continuous research and development – first of its kind in the world. It ecologically collects the birch water straight from the tree into the package. Nothing added, nothing is taken away. Due to this method, we can serve successfully even the most demanding industrial needs. Thanks to the quality assurance system, the traceability of our product is excellent. Based on the serial number, the product can be traced all the way back to the forest where it originated.

Most of our production is exported to countries all around the world as a ready to drink beverage and for industrial utilization as an ingredient in foods, drinks, and cosmetics.


Nordic Koivu Ltd from Finland is the world’s leading birch sap (birch water) producer. We offer you the purest birch water available in the market. Most of our production is exported to companies all around the world, as ready to drink beverages or to be utilized as an ingredient in drinks, foods, and cosmetics manufacturing.

Our 25 years of experience and pioneer methods enable industrial-scale production and customized solutions, successfully serving even the most demanding industrial needs. The relationship with our clients is always reliable and strictly confidential.


  • Vesa Korhonen Sales Director

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