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Taylor’s Tonics Enters Safeway and 1,100 Additional Retail Locations in 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–  Taylor’s Tonics is at it again – just when we found time to break out the sun tan lotion and head for the beach, the essence of Sugar Plum Spice, Eggnog, and Gingerbread permeate the air at Taylor’s botanical brewery.  This off-season phenomenon is a repeat performance of last year’s ‘Holiday Fizz Collection’ debut.  Preparation and production for the expanded list …

Taylor’s Tonics Announces New Promotional Campaign – “Many Mini-Pennies”

SANTA CRUZ / SAN FRANCISCO, CA–  Taylor’s Tonics announced Friday their year-long promotional campaign, “Many Mini-Pennies”.  Fueled by a deep desire to generate consumer outreach that is both novel and appreciated, the company has solicited the assistance of a Northern Californian bikesmith to create over a dozen customized replicas of Victorian pedal machines.  The design chosen, is commonly known as a ‘High Wheeler’ or …

Taylor’s Tonics Unveils New Holiday Fizz Collection

Taylor’s Tonics hasn’t just cooked up a new four-pack of Holiday Flavors, they’ve apparently taken the opportunity to put together a silent movie and tribute to Ken Kesey! Attached are the video and press release announcing the new collection. Now that’s some holiday fun!