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During the last decade, beverages have become more complex, diverse & more focus has been placed on using 100% natural ingredients. Artificial colours are gradually being replaced with more complex, expensive & less potent natural colours. Fruit & vegetable juices have progressively become the norm for medium-high-end beverages. Added value ingredients have become "must have" status & fortification is becoming more popular. What essentially brings all these components together in perfect harmony is the flavour system that is specifically formulated for each beverage formula. The flavour system is the most important component in the formula since it not only represents beverages character & general sensorial experience, but it also can mask or harmonize ingredients that impart negative qualities.

Another popular trend is to pasteurize instead of using less popular artificial preservatives. Various techniques exist, but flash pasteurization tends to be the most popular type used for the manufacture of beverages. This process vigorously heats the beverage for a limited time as to ensure that pathogens are destroyed & then super cools it to prevent degradation of the ingredients. Colour, flavour, nutritionals & texture are often affected, thus this is why beverage formulations need to be designed based on sound science.

Let Novotaste develop your beverage formulas, where each ingredient can be customizable –whether it is the juice concentrates, colours, functional ingredients or aroma chemicals. Novotaste has the resources to develop a wide range of beverage formulations – from simple soda’s to sophisticated healthy juices or Natural Health Products (NHPs) and everything in between.

Thinking of manufacturing a high-end Natural Health Product beverage?

Natural Health Products are taking Canada by storm! A 2010 survey showed that 73% of Canadians take NHP’s on a regular basis[i]. NHP’s are products such as nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc), herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines and traditional medicines that are safe for consumption without a prescription. NHP’s carry natural health product numbers (NPN’s) so that the consumer can recognize that the product has been deemed safe for use. NHP’s are intended to restore or maintain good health and are available in variety of forms: be it cosmetic as a daily cream or consumables for physical health, such as protein bars or vitamin enriched juice. Thanks to our GMP certification, you can feel confident in our development of flavoured syrups (non-medicinal and medicinal ingredients included!) for your Natural Health Product (NHP) beverage applications.


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