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Nuba Tisane, a family run business located in Oakville, ON. We make a "Ready To Drink" all natural Hibiscus Tisane by brewing hibiscus flowers in small batches with no preservatives, colours or concentrates. Nuba Tisane packed with antioxidants is a thirst quencher in hot days and can be enjoyed warm as well. We take pride in making our product in small batches, this ensures that raw materials are fresher and batches are watched closely for quality

Premium quality whole Hibiscus flowers are grown on the banks of the Nile and dried in the blazing Egyptian sun are brewed to create this ruby red tisane with a robust, sweet and tangy flavour. To capture its uniqueness and legendary pleasures, we adhere to traditions dating back to the days of Ancient Egypt, by crafting small batches at a time and always by hand with no preservatives, colours or concentrates. Nuba Tisane packed with antioxidants

Nuba has been a supplier of products supporting a natural lifestyle emphasizing quality, organics, ethicality and social responsibilities. We give back a percentage of our net profit in social giving every year, with over half going to growers and their communities.
We deal directly with these farmers through sustainable sourcing and allow us to watch closely for quality.

Being in the beverage industry, we realized that Middle Eastern beverages available in the market, were full of artificial ingredients, artificial flavours, lots of sugar, and hard to pronounce ingredients, as well as preservatives. This inspired us to add our new line of a variety of authentic beverages that doesn’t compromise flavour or quality. Nuba’s Authentic Middle Eastern beverages are freshly brewed, doesn’t start from a concentrate and with no added colours, flavours or preservatives. Making us the only producers of these kinds of beverages in North America.
Our line up of unique products include :
• Tamarind
• Carob,
• Hibiscus
Qamar Al-Din


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