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NutriScience Innovations LLC is a leading cGMP certified global supplier of innovative, nutritional and functional food/beverage ingredients, and flavor additives. We have proudly supplied our specialty ingredients and technical skills to support food/beverage brands in their development of amazing consumer products for the last 25+ years.

NutriScience serves consumer brands (retailer and direct to consumer), product/flavor formulators and contract manufacturers worldwide with an extensive and diverse range of specialty and value-adding ingredients that add differentiation and improved functionality to our customer's products. Many of our branded/proprietary ingredients are backed by clinical research and IP.

Quality and safety are what our business is built on. We want our customers to rest assured that we have done our homework and the products they receive will be exactly what they expect. Our ingredients are researched and selected for quality and safety. Each lot of ingredient that you receive will have been thoroughly tested and will adhere to the highest quality standards.

NutriScience is cGMP certified (audited yearly by SGS) and maintains strict quality and documentation processes and protocols that meet the demands of the largest/strictest consumer brands in the world. We are FSMA and FSVP compliant and keep actively abreast of the FDA and its requirements and the evolving global regulatory environment.

We take innovation and quality seriously and strive to always deliver solutions that will ultimately benefit the consumers who purchase them, and improve their lives.

We are very proud to have been doing this for more than 25 years with customers located all over the world and we look forward to continuing to build new partnerships and innovative products with many new market-leading brands!


Leading Global Solutions Provider with Unique & Innovative Ingredients to Meet the World’s Health Needs:

We have established ourselves as a leader in providing exceptional access to unique innovative ingredients. We have the technical expertise to develop new proprietary brands and the extensive supply chain capabilities to offer a diverse catalog of specialty products and hard to find ingredients. We help to bring these unique ingredients to life by collaborating with our customers’ R&D/Innovation teams, to help develop new and exciting products that consumers will appreciate.

Product Development & Formulation Technical Expertise:

Formulating innovative blends takes expertise and knowledge of each ingredient used. Our team can help you create a formula where each ingredient works synergistically to make a truly unique and functional product. We closely monitor what is happening in the market and can provide insight into what ingredients are up and coming and what might be on its way out, valuable information in an ever-changing market!

We are here to help you create new and innovative products! We can suggest potential ingredient combinations based on your targeted benefit area or let us lend our expertise with product formulation concepts for:

  • Nutritional Products
  • Dietary Supplements/Nutraceuticals
  • Health and Wellness
  • Functional Foods & Beverages
  • Sports & Performance Nutrition
  • Men’s, Women’s & Children’s Health
  • Animal Health/Companion Pet Care


NutriScience can provide your formulation team with ingredients, solutions and advise on how to meet your consumers’ demands, for niche specialty formulations as well, such as:

  • Non-GMO (incl. Non-GMO Project Verified-NGPV) Formulations
  • Organic Certified/Organic-Compliant/Natural Formulations
  • Clean Label Formulas
  • Vegan/Plant-Derived/Non-Animal Ingredient Formulations (e.g. Vegan Amino Acids and Alternatives to Animal Sourced Ingredients)
  • Gluten-Free & Allergen-Free Formulations
  • Kosher & Halal Suitable Formulations
  • Formulations Suitable for Gummies, Candies/Chews, Capsules, Tablets, Softgels, Stickpacks & Sachets, RTD & Instant Beverages, Delayed Release, and Topicals



  • Ryan Pallathra Director of Business Development

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