Oh! So Sweet/Arnhem Inc.

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Oh! So Sweet/Arnhem Inc.


The Arnhem Group was founded in 1980 to provide multi-functional ingredients \ Flavor Enhancers to the food and beverage industries. Arnhem has two divisions: Oh! So Sweet and Flavex Technologies.

Oh! So Sweet

Oh! So Sweet is an all-natural flavor enhancer derived from citrus extract, it contributes zero calories & zero carbohydrates to finished products. Oh! So Sweet works synergistically with sweeteners, allowing food manufacturers to reduce current sugar levels by as much 50% while preserving clean (Natural Flavor) labeling.

In 2009 Arnhem introduced Oh! So Sweet / Reb A blend. The new product incorporates Reb A from Pure Circle with our citrus extract. Pure Circle is the world's leading developer and supplier of high-purity Rebaudioside A (Reb-A).

New: Oh! So Sweet- Reb A \ Citrus Extract Blend is all natural, and 1000 times sweeter than sugar.

Flavex Technologies

These protein-based ingredients are 100% natural and can be listed in the flavoring category under ingredients as part of a flavor solution.

Flavex flavor enhancers dramatically improve yields for meat, poultry & processed food manufacturers. These flavor enhancers improve mouth-feel and texture, reduce moisture purge and fat oxidation, extend shelf-life, and inhibit ice crystallization in frozen foods.


25 Commerce Drive
Cranford, NJ 7016
United States




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