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OnTrak Software is a technology company that develops solutions that help beverage distributors TRACK, MEASURE AND MANAGE their Point-of-Sale (POS) marketing campaigns and materials including: Signs, displays, menus and samples. Our portfolio of POS Marketing Management solutions includes: SignTrak - Track and manage the custom and temporary POS signage process. PermaTrak - Central inventory control and asset management for permanent POS signs and displays. MenuTrak - Automate custom beverage menu creation and track and recover supplier bill-backs. SampleTrak - Track and report on beverage samples and tastings, plus reports for supplier bill-back recovery. POS Marketing is a critical component of a distributor strategy to grow their business, improve profits, and gain market share. Companies choose OnTrak Software because they know we provide tools to manage costs, automate print shops, secure POS inventory, and provide profitable POS business management. To learn more about OnTrak go to http://www.ontraksoftware.com. Also, we invite you to visit our Point-of-Sale Marketing BLOG, and join the conversation on this most important part of your sales and marketing strategy.


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