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DareDevil Energy Drink (Discontinued)


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Daredevil Energy Drink and Daredevil Lighter Fluid are targeted at individuals that are ready to take risks, follow their passions, and thrive on the possibility of defying all odds. Unlike many other energy drinks on the market today, Daredevil and Lighter Fluid have a greater content of B-12 vitamins for extra sustained energy, and contain milk thistle, a well known cleansing anti-oxydent. Daredevil Energy Drink is made with all natural flavors and sugars (sucrose, sucralose) as well as several herbal extracts, giving the drink greater nutritional value and a unique delicious tropical taste. Outlast Nutrition has taken the necessary steps to insure that Daredevil Energy drink and Daredevil Lighter Fluid(lo carb lo-sugar) taste 100% different, and 100% better then all other energy drink brands. We'll give you what you need to Live Life On The Edge!

Company News

Daredevil Energy Drink Selected as Official Energy Drink of the 2007 MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite

Outlast Nutrition LLC, announced that Daredevil Energy Drink was selected as the official energy drink sponsor of the 2007 MTV Movie awards gift suites. The MTV Video Awards Gift Suite is a three day event hosted by GBK Productions to help celebrate the 2007 nominees and presenters. The event was held at the Hotel Soffitel in Los Angeles from May 31st-June 2nd, 2007.

GBK Productions, …

Daredevil Energy Drink Is On Fire and Spreading Into New Territory With Two New Distribution Partners

Daredevil Energy Drink, the California based energy drink for individuals who enjoy pushing the limits, taking risks and living on the edge is now available in North Carolina, East Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

According to Bobby Giacobbe, CEO of Outlast Nutrition LLC, “We are very excited to have partnered with Bruner Distributors in New Jersey & Pennsylvania and Deli Provision Distribution in North Carolina.” Both …



@@img1Orange County, California – A new energy drink has just hit the U.S. Market: Daredevil and Daredevil Lighter Fluid. Targeted at the individual who is ready to take chances, follow their passions, and thrives on the possibility of defying the odds. The drinks were formulated by Bobby Giacobbe, Owner and President of Outlast Nutrition LLC. A bit of a Daredevil himself, Mr. Giacobbe left his …