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Killer Buzz Sustained Energy Drink is getting a new look, and this potent and distinct design certainly separates Killer Buzz from the rest of the Herd. The brushed aluminum and black core colors of the design emphasize the powerful, functional and tool-like nature of Killer Buzz. The bold new packaging is intended to convey the brand?s message of Performance, while commanding attention on the shelf. The only energy drink on the market to offer 17 amino acids including 9 of the 10 essential amino acids, which provides sustained energy without crashing. Killer Buzz does not rely solely upon Caffeine and Sugars to provide energy, but includes vitamins, and the natural, long lasting energy of 17 amino acids deliver long lasting energy.

This new packaging is just in time to adorn the cans of the brands latest flavor offerings. Grape and Hybrid Berry flavors join the Original and Sugar Free/Zero Carb to complete the line-up. All flavors of Killer Buzz contain the functionality of the original formula, including 17 amino acids. The new packaging design differentiates between flavors with unique colors as well as colored tabs, with a laser etched KB, attached to a sleek black end.

In addition to the brands carbonated offerings, Killer Buzz has added two new Coffee Energy Drink flavors; Mocha Madness and Luscious Latte. Each are packaged in their own uniquely designed cans, intended to draw the consumer?s eye and provoke an emotional response and a desire to sample the new offering.

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