Our vision is clear: to establish Press™ as the choice cocktail mixer for the sophisticated consumer. A reinvention and modernization of club soda and tonic water, Press™ grabs the attention of both young and mature consumers with its sleek image, crisp flavoring and nutritious recipe. As a mixer with a premium spirit, or even served alone over ice, Press™ is the unrivaled beverage standard. We didn’t invent the Press™, we just perfected it.

Press™ Cocktail Soda distinguishes itself on four levels: formula, function, flavor and experience.

As a perfect mixture of soda water, lemon-lime soda, quinine and a splash of flavor, Press™ extends far beyond the taste of bland, high-calorie, high-sugar alternatives. Consumers can enjoy Press™ as a clean and crisp stand-alone beverage or as a refreshing complement to any premium spirit.

Press™ awakens the palette with four distinct flavor combinations: Press™ Original features cold pressed lemons and limes, Press™ Raspberry brings out the juicy aspects of berries, citrus hints highlight Press™ Orange, and cucumber and sweet melon notes accent Press™ Cucumber.

Press™ is the sophisticated beverage choice for both young and mature professionals who reward themselves with premium brands and taste experiences. Refreshingly creative in its style and flavoring, Press™ Cocktail Soda is the perfect match for the successful cocktail connoisseur.


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