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PRO FOODS is a performance nutrition food and beverage company that manufactures protein fortified food products that enhance the fitness and dietary needs for all health enthusiasts.

Company News

PRO FOODS LLC Unveiling the Re-Launch of New PRO ADE Formula and Labeling

Miami, Florida, August 1st, 2011 – ( – PRO FOODS is hitting the nation and Miami health conscious market hard with its new and revised formula of PRO ADE, the refreshingly delicious protein-enhanced water beverage. In response to consumer demands, the protein beverage is fortified with extra protein, electrolytes and essential nutrients. The changes in formulation reflect the market’s need for lower calorie, vital …

PRO FOODS Unveils Protein Enhanced Product Portfolio To Market


PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 01, 2010 – PRO FOODS LLC proudly announces today the debut of three new high protein fortified products to market.

PRO H2O is – a refreshing water beverage that is high in protein intended to hydrate while supplementing the body with protein throughout the day. Offering a staggering twenty grams of pure whey protein isolate in a 16 oz. …