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Back in 1958, Charlie Grant knew that his rural San Diego property produced sweet, pure water from a deep well. Wanting to share that great tasting water with his neighbors, Charlie built a road-side stand on Mission Gorge road where people could fill their own containers of crystal clear water at a fair price. By 1961, the Pure Flo Water stand had become so popular that Charlie and his wife Marian erected a new building, bought some bottling equipment and a truck, and started delivering fresh, local, pure water to thirsty San Diegans around the county.

Today, Pure Flo Water is still owned and operated by the Grant family, which has never abandoned its commitment to quality, value, and service. The original stand has been enlarged several times, the well dug even deeper, modern bottling equipment and quality assurance systems installed, and now a fleet of fifty Pure Flo trucks delivers refreshing Pure Flo water to more than thirty thousand home and office customers county-wide.

But it all goes back to the source: that same Deep Well water made famous by Charlie Grant in 1958. Today, Pure Flo's protected, nine-hundred-ten-foot-deep water well taps an aquifer that still produces the sweetest tasting water in town, and which San Diegans still love to slake their thirst with the best water the San Diego area has to offer!


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