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RL Distributors Inc. is a food and beverage distributor for the San Bernadino & Riverside Counties in Sounthern California. Its highly professional sales team, of over 70 years of combined experience with local retailers, has been hand selected for their performance and dedication to being part of the new breed of "Distribution Company". One that gives focused attention to building its' reputation as one to carry "Premium Brands with Premium Service."TM. They are set on BUILDING NEW brands within the Southern California marketplace. Within a few short monthes RL Distributors Inc. has built an account base of over 1300 retail accounts of independent and corporate business and help to pioneer some of the fastest growing brands on the market:

Protein Rush!
Samoa Import Water
Hi-Chew Candy
Jelly Bellys
Hippie Pop Chips
Gourmet Smart Fries

And now recently added..

Bella Voda Artesian Water
Aquahydrate9 Water
Beercheladas! Cups
Hello Panda
Yan Yan
LOADED Vitamin Shotz

........ just to name a few.With the large success of RLD it has now persued contracts that take them into the Los Angeles County Market. RL Distibutors Inc. has the foundation for new success within the industry.


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