Rahal Fruits & Flavors Inc.

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For 4 generations and for over 50 years, starting with Michael Rahal back in 1963, we continue that legacy with Rahal Fruits & Flavors, Inc. The Rahal family has been the largest independent importer and reseller of high quality fruit and vegetable products from around the world. Providing only the finest fruit juices, concentrates, purees, natural colors, and sugars the Earth has to offer. Our dedicated team has served as importers, exporters, and sales agents in the domestic and international food markets. We provide expert logistical coordination and quality customer service while ensuring that food and drink manufacturers get the quality materials they need to produce premium final products. We have satellite offices in Qingdao China, Buenos Aires Argentina, Murcia Spain, and Salvador Brazil, making sure we have insight to global trends & products. We don’t just view ourselves as your suppliers, but also as your partners. Our success depends on how well we can serve your goals. We provide the services and products you require while also looking for other solutions to serve your needs.


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