Ever wonder why a cup of coffee tastes better in New York than anywhere else? It's the water.
Why doesn't brisket,corned beef, a bagel, or even pizza taste as good anywhere else as they do on the island of Manhattan? It's the water!
New Yorkers who have moved away from the City, whether to Florida, Las Vegas, or the Jersey suburbs, know that tap water anywhere else in the world tastes, well, let's just say not very good. There's nothing that compares to the taste of Real New York Water.
Real New York Water is the finest tasting water the world has to offer, bottled out of the same springs which feed the reservoirs from which Manhattan tap water is pulled. Real New York Water was rated "most desirable" in a blind taste test conducted by Time Out New York Magazine. "Soft, very delicate flavor," said Aldo Sohm, water expert and wine director at Manhattan's Le Bernardin. Smooth and elegant."
Real New York Water comes in .5 liter, crystal clear plastic bottles, and is packaged in cases of 24 bottles.


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