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Launched in 2001 with a vision of revolutionizing the delivery of energy drinks in bars, nightclubs and restaurants, Roaring Lion has quickly grown to become the No. 1 BnB energy drink in the industry and the No. 2 national seller of on-premise energy drinks. In terms of volume, RLED sold the equivalent of more than 8.7 million 8.3-ounce cans through on-premise U.S. Accounts in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The Lion is now available throughout the United States and overseas, including: The United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Poland and UAE. Roaring Lion Japan and Macao are in the process of launching.Their plan in Japan is to be number one on premise and the only BnB buy 2009. Four of the five founders of RLED, LLC introduced and grew the Austrian-based market leader to unparalleled success worldwide and were key to its subsequent introduction and robust distribution in the USA. These entrepreneurs realigned their combined expertise to bring an innovative idea and outstanding value and quality proposition to the U.S. trade and its consumers. Roaring Lion offers on-premise clients easy and efficient handling, no waste, more convenience and significantly elevated profits - all without compromising the authentic ingredient mix, taste and quality defined by the market leader. Roaring Lion offers a truly industry-friendly alternative to the 8.3-ounce cans and provides easy and efficient handling without all the waste. Imagine convenience and increased profits without compromising the authentic taste, quality and functionality defined by the market leader. We also offer the 500-ml resealable bottles your on-the-go customers demand. Find out more about or place an order for The Lion at

Company News

Roaring Lion Challenges Barkeeps in ‘The Lion’s Cup’

The world’s greatest soccer tournament happens only once every four years and Roaring Lion energy drink is marking the occasion with a special promotion in bars & nightclubs across the country.

Roaring Lion Energy Drink Launches Home-Delivery Program

Roaring Lion energy drink has announced the launch of a new home-delivery program for fans, “The Big Roar”, which is billed to ‘bring the roar right to your door’ on an automated, recurring basis. Members of the program will receive discounted pricing on products, fixed shipping rates & access to exclusive offers that are unique to the program. More information is available at Roaring Lion’s …

Roaring Lion Unveils ‘Zero’ Flavor in Slim Can

SUN VALLEY, Calif. — Roaring Lion is proud to announce the expansion of their current line of energy drinks with the unveiling & launch of their ‘Zero’ flavor in a new, attractive 12oz slim can.  This announcement comes quick on the heels of Roaring Lion’s recent launch of a new line of resealable bottles, which included two new natural flavors, ‘Au Natural’ & ‘Zero’.

The …

Roaring Lion Launches ‘Music Madness’ Contest

SUN VALLEY, Calif. — Roaring Lion energy drink is giving their fans a chance to win the ‘adventure of a lifetime’ to their choice of either the Maldives or Iceland as the Grand Prize for their “Music Madness” contest (running from 3/22/13 through 4/8/13), as they seek to determine which Artist/Band is most worthy of being Lionized as a true ‘Roaring Lion’ in the music …

Roaring Lion Launches Resealable Bottle, Two New Products

LOS ANGELES — Roaring Lion energy drink is proud to announce the launch of their new line of resealable Bottles and they are marking the occasion by unveiling two new products to the public, “Au Natural” & “Zero”. While the new 16.9oz bottles feature an updated look that is sleek & attractive, the functionality of the packaging & the healthier formula inside are sure to …

Roaring Lion’s Website Helps Users Find Proper Cocktails

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan. 22, 2013 – Roaring Lion energy drink has long been an innovator in the Bar & Nightclub world, having introduced the first Bag-in-Box (BIB) Energy product to the industry back in 2001.   A dramatic new take on packaging for the category at the time, the BIB format was a boon to establishment owners who wished for a more cost-effective and …

Roaring Lion Launches New Website

LOS ANGELES – Roaring Lion energy drink is proud to announce the launch of their new website,  The new site will serve as a hub for fans, consumers & beverage industry professionals to learn about, engage, and interact with the Roaring Lion brand.  This much anticipated update solidifies the company’s larger evolution from offering an innovative trade product for the Bar & Nightclub …

Roaring Lion Launches “Drink Your Vote” Campaign

August 28, 2012 – The Presidential Election season is officially upon us and the battle between the candidates is heating up! Acknowledging their civic responsibilities, Roaring Lion energy drink has decided to forego the usual mudslinging and jump into the fray as a bipartisan instigator within the backbone of America’s political discourse – local watering holes – with a campaign that will be running until …

Roaring Lion Sets Out To Lionize The World

Roaring Lion energy drink is on a mission to Lionize The World! The campaign that started on July 25, 2012 delivers a FREE bumper sticker to users that join ”The Pride” in order to receive news & special offerings from Roaring Lion. Users then have an opportunity to upload a photo of their sticker to Instagram once they have it placed, with the hashtag #LionizeTheWorld! …

Roaring Lion Challenges Fans to a “ROAR-E-OKE” Contest

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 01, 2012 – Roaring Lion is excited to announce their second Lion”s Challenge contest, “Roar-E-Oke”, which begins on February 1, 2012. “Roar-E-Oke” contestants are encouraged to record a short video of themselves (or group of friends) singing and performing along with a song of their choice. Creativity, enthusiasm, and fun are the main criteria rather than production costs, meaning video …