Evo Revitalizing Water

Evo Revitalizing Water


Not sourced from Europe. Not from an ancient volcano. Not melted from a glacier. It’s time for water to evolve. Evo founders had to taste through 14 barrels of wine as part their college senior project. Why 14? For science, that’s why! Surprisingly ... 14 was too many. With their tired taste buds drowned under a torrent of wine, they had their moment of inspiration. "What if we made a water to revitalize the palate?" After a lot more wine tasting (for science) Evo was born. What they discovered was a new kind of healthy and satisfying refreshment. Within months, their water earned first place in Cal Poly’s business innovation competition and was finding its way into wineries across California. Now they're bringing this inspiration to everyone! Evo’s all-natural ingredients, spa inspired flavors and delicate carbonation actively revitalize you. Enjoy Evo after a workout, during a meal, or any time you want to feel balanced, refreshed and renewed.


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