Schare & Associates, INC

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Distributors: USA


If you are looking for a source of flavors and beverage development, look no further! We represent one of the most innovative and creative teams in the industry. Whether it be for a brand new project or if you are just looking for a more cost effective alternative to your current formula, we will be there for you, every step of the way. Our lead chemist is an awfully good person to have in your corner when deadlines are short, money is tight, and you need some inspiration in a hurry. Some of the services we offer in this capacity are:

Liquid & Dry Flavors
Juice Bases & WONFS (With Other Natural Flavors)
Fruit Wine and Hard Cider Bases
Natural Extract Flavors

Highlights include: Distribution of Fruit & Juice products, Inventory Liquidation and Flavor & Beverage Development.
Discounts are possible when you sign up to receive our weekly “Hot Deal” sheet. We have one email that deals exclusively with fruit related products and one email that promotes meat products.

Schare & Associates, INC

Keith Schare
307A Woods Ave. Oceanside,
NY 11572
Phone:(877) 859-4861
Fax:(866) 8261548
Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM


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