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BRAND SAVVY & STRUCTURAL DESIGN EXPERTISE don’t have to be mutually exclusive

Here’s the dilemma most brand owners face when seeking new packaging design: Most agencies can’t design for manufacturing, and virtually no suppliers can design for brand.

We’re here to save the day.

An agency dreamed up by Amcor, it’s safe to say we’ve got more than a slight love for and inclination toward plastics packaging, namely for food, beverage, spirits and personal care.

We’re a multidisciplinary studio teeming with passion for great lines, growing brands, compelling stories, and (most of all) surprising, strategic problem solving.

Our designers bring mojo from a vast array of backgrounds - from automotive and furniture design to brand architecture and interior design - and are redefining the culture, model, and expectations of a supplier-based design firm.

And having an all-access pass to Amcor’s R&D facilities and expertise means our designs not only work for the brand and consumer, but are chock full of industry-leading innovation and performance technology.


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