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Sidel is the leading global provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging. We are committed to being an innovative, responsive and reliable partner, providing sustainable solutions for the beverage industry.

Company News

Sidel Expands Its Range of Hot Fillers for Beverages with Particles

July 25, 2011

Sidel is launching its new Veloce ISD which guarantees dosing accuracy and particle integrity to dose particles in hot filling.

“The consumption of beverages including pulps or particles is becoming more and more popular and corresponds to a request for more natural and value added products,” highlights Gero Von Stackelberg, Product Manager Sensitive Products. Answering to this trend, Sidel is launching the …

The Flow: Regulate Kombucha?; Inside Coast


  • Coast Brands takes aim at the biggest problem for growing beverage companies: approvals from distributors and retailers. Link
  • Kombucha producers may decide to register as alcoholic beverage producers with the federal government rather than change the fermentation process with which the tea is made. The changes were prompted by the discovery that alcohol content was over the legal, 0.5 percent limit in some

Aseptic filling of sensitive beverages in PET: Predis, the dry alternative

Predis™, Sidel’s patented dry preform decontamination system initially used for beverages distributed in the cold chain, can now also be used for products sold at ambient temperature. Dry technology for aseptic filling of sensitive products promises to be a major break with the past.

Aseptic packaging is used to extend the shelf life of sensitive drinks (juice, tea, flavored water and energy drinks) sold at …

Sensitive drinks: matching with the right PET bottle

In the sensitive drinks segment (juice, milk, tea, etc.), the launch of new drinks, formulations or packages can be complex. As their name suggests, sensitive drinks are complex. They can easily undergo changes in color or taste, and they can be altered or contaminated by micro-organisms, light, oxygen or temperature. For these reasons, it is critical to study how the beverage will behave in the …