Sidel Inc.


Suppliers: Equipment, Lab, Machinery


Sidel, one of three industry groups of Tetra Laval, is a leading provider of equipment and services solutions for packaging beverage, food, home and personal care products. Sidel has over 170 years of experience with proven expertise in blowing, filling, labelling, material-handling, end-of-line and line-engineering solutions, including an innovative focus on the factory of tomorrow with advanced systems. The company has 50 offices and 5,487 employees, nine research centres and over 40,000 machines installed in more than 190 countries (2018).


Sidel manufactures and services equipment that enables other companies to package such liquids using PET, can, glass and other materials. It specialises in manufacturing blow-moulding for production of PET bottles, plus fillers, labellers, pasteurisers, bottle and crate washer, packers, craters, and palletizers machines.

Sidel also offer capabilities in terms of consulting and engineering for the packaging industry, including among others, integration expertise.  



  • Cristian Uritescu Sales Director Beverages, North America
  • Daniel Goncalves Sales Director FHPC, North America
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