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Cocaine™ Energy Supplement Returns Florida Market

"Following a stint in rehab and a high-profile battle with the FDA, Redux Beverages re-launches in Tampa with the same ingredients as the original."

September 12, 2008 -- Tampa, Fla. – Its controversial name was enough to make headlines when it hit the market the first time. Cocaine™ Energy Supplement was on a high and became an instant hit. But after an FDA crackdown over marketing, the company voluntarily pulled the drink off the shelves.

Now the Cocaine™ Energy Supplement is back and stronger than ever.

It makes its return to the Tampa market this month after re-launching earlier this year in several markets nationwide and Europe.

“Retailers in Tampa are excited about being able to sell Cocaine™ to its customers and consumers are looking forward to drinking it,” says Carlos Silva, president of Spike Distributors, which will distribute the drink in Central Florida. “Cocaine is popular and there are many people looking forward to this.”

After the company pulled the drink last year, the product briefly emerged with a new peel off label that read “No Name” energy drink.

California-based Redux Beverages, the makers of the energy drink, says the company then worked with the Food and Drug Administration on acceptable marketing and labeling of the drink. The company removed a few words from the label but was allowed to retain the name.

Cocaine™ contains three times the amount of caffeine than its competitors. Other ingredients are: .50 milligrams of L-Carnitine, 250 milligrams of D-Ribose, and 25 milligrams of guarana.

Cocaine™ is available in three flavors: Original, Mild and Sugar-Free. The Original version is a Red, cinnamon-based and a ginger-wasabi-based energy drink. The Mild version of Cocaine™ has the cinnamon flavor without the wasabi heat, while the Free version is sugar and calorie free.

About Redux Beverages: Redux Beverages LTD, founded in 2006, manufactures one of the three most-talked about energy drinks on the market (others include Red Bull and Rockstar). In 2007, Redux voluntarily chose to rename its Cocaine energy supplement due to FDA regulations. In an innovative move, Redux literally gave naming rights to the user by producing a nameless can featuring a customizable white "billboard" for consumers to write in whatever they wanted. Redux has also recently added Brawndo (the fictional drink in the cult-hit Mike Judge comedy, "Idiocracy") to its product lineup and is working on new product lines, promising to be equally as innovative, which will be announced soon. For more information visti: http://www.drinkcocaine.com

Cocaine™ is offered exclusively thoughout florida by Spike Distributors LLC in Tampa. For more information or to order call (800)219-4345 or email adrian@drinkcocaineflorida.com



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