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Video: Ibex and the Drinkable Yogurt Category

Drinkable yogurt sits at the intersection of the three P’s of beverage industry buzzwords — probiotic, portable, protein. Yet will this advantageous positioning be enough to carry a category?

WhiteWave to Remove Carrageenan From Silk, Horizon

For the past few years, consumer advocates and policy research groups have publicly criticized the ingredient and linked it to gastrointestinal symptoms.

CE-Yo No Mo’ — Hirshberg Leaves Stonyfield President/CEO Role

He's been a standard-bearer for the organic success story for years, as well as a mentor to Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman, but Stonyfield founder Gary Hirshberg announced today that he's handing day-to-day operations over to former Ben & Jerry's CEO Walt Freese. Hirshberg's sale of Stonyfield to Danone in 2003 -- and subsequent operation of the company as a unit with autonomy within that larger company -- is largely seen as a model for Goldman's sale of Honest Tea to the Coca-Cola Co. last year.