Sun Harvest Salt, LLC

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Exclusive Distributor of Secret Sun® Sea Salts
Sun Harvest Salt, LLC specializes in patented Less Sodium Sea Salt that are patented and deliver exceptional taste that is ideal for all food manufacturing applications. The exclusive distributor for patented sea salts from Baja California, the world's largest sea salt manufacturer, offering one of the broadest lines of sea salt, including: patented less sodium single-crystal sea salts, full sodium sea salts and sea salt/potassium chloride custom blends.

We Capture the Pure Taste of Nature
Sourcing from a Unesco World Heritage site and wildlife refuge, we utilize only the natural powers of the sun, sea, and wind to develop great tasting, full and less sodium sea salts. Our environmentally friendly, patented process takes 2 ½ years to produce single-crystal, less sodium sea salts that offer big flavor and unmatched purity.


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