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Sweetener Solutions, LLC utilizes a line of proprietary blends and specialty portion packaging services to enhance new and existing customer nutritive and non nutritive sweetener applications and functionality. A tailored approach to product development and reformulation allows the customer to recognize significant benefits in improved taste. Each of today's high intensity sweeteners has taste and function limitations. Sweetener Solutions' sources the world's best quality high intensity sweeteners to manufacture sweetener blends using proprietary, state-of-the-art technology. When compared to any stand alone sweetener, our blends provide superior taste and functionality. Our unique sweetener blends provide the taste profile and desired functionality to match our customer's food ingredient needs. And, each of our sweetener blends is offered in bag-in-a-box quantities, or can be portion-packed to our customer's exact batch specifications. Our product development of recipe-specific HIS Blends provides improved taste, reduced carbs & calories and significant cost savings for our customers.


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