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Suppliers: Software, Computers


Work instructions are better when they’re scalable, digital, and easy to use. 

The SwipeGuide platform empowers beverage manufacturers who are interested in maximizing operational efficiency with more effective digital standards.

Success in manufacturing depends on continuous improvement. SwipeGuide delivers an intuitive and user-focused instruction creation experience that makes it simple to capture and improve a central repository of critical operational knowledge. That means less time spent writing instructions and the confidence that information will be up to date. Our customers - including Heineken, PepsiCo, and Pernod Ricard - have experienced increases in

  • First-Time-Right (+26%), 
  • OPI (+5.6%), 
  • 5S (+33%)

while motivating their workforces with user-friendly instructions that improve knowledge retention by 25%.

Crowdsourced digital work instructions also help facilitate meaningful on-the-job training that helps close the industry’s growing skills gap. Digital standard work drives operational excellence. SwipeGuide delivers it in a way that finally makes sense.


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