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Our company was founded in 1733 , we produce many beverages like mineral water, juices and Energy Drink.We are the only manufacturer who produces Energy drink with naturel sparkling mineral water.Taurus is one of the first energy drink sold in Germany with two different taste.One with berry and the other one classic.
Our drink received the following review on a popular energy drink site:

"This German Berry energy drink is a pretty tasty entry into the energy drink market. It has a very strong raspberry taste. It is very lightly carbonated and has a nice sweet edge, but isn't overly sweet or syrupy. It is nicely refreshing leaving my thirst quenched which is nice. I just got done playing some basketball (where I got destroyed), and this drink has been a nice pick me up so I have been pleased. I also like the raspberry flavor, which hasn't been played out as much as many of the other energy drink flavors. So if you can find Taurus energy drink in the states I would recommend giving it a try, especially if you don't like the really sweet soda like energy drinks. This is almost like a strong likely carbonated Gatorade kind of flavor, or at least that is the vibe i am getting from the drink".


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