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T42 Teas, Herbal Teas & Lemonades


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Teacrest brews the all-natural, T42 line of ready-to-drink traditional teas and fruit flavored, caffeine-free herbal teas

These include:

Iced Tea w/ Lemon, Earl Grey Tea and English Breakfast Tea (voted #1 black tea by Real Simple Magazine in 2005)
Green Tea with Lemon & Honey, Green Tea with Ginger, Green Tea with Wild Berry
White Tea with Pomegranate.

caffeine-free, fruit flavored HERBAL TEAS:
Lemon, Mango, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry

All of our teas are sweetened with low to moderate amounts of cane sugar only. Caloric levels are mainstream in popularity and range from 18 to 70 calories per 8 oz. serving.

Company News

T42 – Emulated but not Duplicated

Palm Beach Gardens FL – July, 2007 . In what must be the supreme compliment to Teacrest’s line of “Classic Teas”, the country’s leading mass market tea bottler has paid homage to the skills of our company by creating a new line of black teas. Not only has the Snapple company just introduced Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Orange Pekoe (an iced tea), it has …

T42® Now Available Through UNFI

Palm Beach Gardens FL – May, 2007 – Teacrest Corporation is pleased to announce that T42, it’s highly acclaimed all natural line of caffeine-free herbal teas and traditional “classic” teas, is now part of United Natural Foods’ (UNFI) multi-state distribution network. Initially, UNFI-East will be supplying many specialty and natural food retailers including Whole Foods.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Teacrest to extend …

T42® introduces two new teas White Tea w/ Pomegranate and a low calorie Green Tea w/ Wild Berry

@@img1Palm Beach Gardens FL – Teacrest Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of two new teas to its “classic tea” line-up. White Tea w/ Pomegranate, a moderately sweetened tea, is the first white T42 offering and Green Tea w/ Wild Berry with only 18 calories per serving.

“We saw the demand for a white tea just increasing and decided we had to develop a …

Real Simple Magazine Names T42 English Breakfast Tea a Winner!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – REAL SIMPLE Magazine has just announced in their June issue that Teacrest’s Corporation English Breakfast Tea has been named the BEST black iced tea. Tasters agreed that it wasn’t too sweet, calling it “simple and refreshing.” “As a small tea company in such a competitive market, we are deeply honored by this recognition,” says Maurice Hakim, 2nd generation tea importer. …