The Pepper Police™

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The Pepper Police™ was founded and established by fellow “chiliheads”
and charged with one ultimate objective: Design and develop products
specifically formulated to help extinguish the scorching flames caused
by chili peppers at entry, exit, and upon contact.

We, at The Pepper Police™, are avid chili pepper eaters and enthusiasts.
Aficionados and fanatics. We put chili on our ice cream; we put chili
on our mosquito bites. We carry chili in our pockets and use it as
after-shave. The Pepper Police™ is dedicated to protecting you and the
person you dared to eat an habanero pepper from suffering the fiery
wrath of the chili pepper.


We provide The Pepper Police™ - Pepper Medic in wholesale quantities. Pepper Medic comes in 2oz. shooter bottles and in a display case of six (6). There are four (4) display cases per Master Case. MSRP - $4.99/shooter. All quoted prices are FOB.

Product Description:

For the mobile, on-the-go chili pepper eater, The Pepper Police™ Pepper Medic - Single Serve Shooters are your portable weapon for combating the chili pepper flames right from the convenience of your pocket!   Ahh, relief! The Pepper Police™ Pepper Medic is exclusively formulated in 2 fl. oz. shooters aimed at alleviating the oral burn caused by chili pepper consumption. These patent-pending portable mixes can be used at any time however we highly recommend serving them chilled to increase overall effectiveness. The Pepper Police™ Pepper Medic works by providing an immediate cooling sensation and soothing effect through our proprietary, chili-combating formula. Serve chilled and let The Pepper Police™ Pepper Medic rescue you from the fiery flames of the chili pepper!


  • Revolutionary, chili-combating, patent-pending custom formulations
  • Designed exclusively to cool and soothe immediately
  • Sweet, lemon lime flavor helps extinguish the flame
  • Convenient On-the-Go Portability
  • Net Wt. 2 fl. oz. (59.15ML)


  • Aleq Rojas Founder, Fire Chief

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