The PoP Shoppe


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The PoP Shoppe is the best-selling premium soft drink in Canada and is currently expanding its presence across the US with its new cane sugar sodas. The PoP Shoppe puts a smile on the faces of many who remember their tasty sodas from some 30 years ago, as well as those recently discovering PoP Shoppe PoP through its unique bottles and flavor offerings. The beloved brand continues its return to retail across the United States, including many markets new to their staple flavors – Cream Soda, Lime Ricky, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Orange, Grape, Pineapple and Cola.The PoP Shoppe story began in 1969, when two Canadian entrepreneurs began selling Soda, in a unique variety of flavors, at independent PoP Shoppe retail outlets. Customers would return their empty bottles each week, in recognizable red PoP Shoppe branded crates, for a refund, and then pickup fresh bottles for their families.

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