The Wild East Soda Company

The Wild East Soda Company


The Wild East Soda Company was founded with the purpose of creating a beverage that could be both great tasting and slightly healthier then most so-called energy drinks. We combine Korean ginseng extract with natural flavors to create something unique and good for everyone. We do not use high corn fructose and no ingredients such as taurine. For sweetness, we use cane sugar, which lowers the calories but not the taste. Our drinks are available in Ginseng flavor, Cola, Orange, Grape, and Lemon-Lime with other flavors to soon follow. Our products contain no caffeine and are great for anyone who wants a natural energy boost.

We are now seeking distributors, brokers and production partners here in the U.S., Canada and overseas. We have a great drink that is sure to be a hit.


6 Stowe rd.
Peekskill, NY 10566




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