Top Line Process Equipment

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Suppliers: Equipment, Lab, Machinery


Top Line Process Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer and master distributor of hygienic stainless steel process equipment.

Products include:
Valves - diaphragm, ball, sampling, check, butterfly, single seat, mix-proof
Pumps - centrifugal, mag drive, rotary lobe, circumferential piston
Fittings - BPE pharmaceutical and 3A dairy styles
Tubing - BPE pharmaceutical and 3A dairy per ASTM A270-S2

For over 50 years we've provided our customers with quality products and exceptional customer service. We supply the sanitary markets through a world-wide network of distributors and large OEM's. Top Line provides full factory and technical support to both our customers and end users.

Our modern, well equipped manufacturing facilities are staffed by skilled and dedicated craftsmen in stainless steel. Consistently meeting important tolerances, surface finish specifications, and functionality is of primary concern to us. Before any products leave our plant, they are subjected to rigid quality assurance checks. Top Line should always be considered your first choice for both standard and custom fabricated stainless steel products. We are committed to meeting the fastest delivery, new product development, and application engineering to meet the end users needs.


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