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VitalSensors Technologies now BevSense LLC is applications-specific spectroscopy company dedicated to the development and production of revolutionary Inline Infrared Sensors using patented technology. Our target markets are industries which require accurate and reliable process control, real time and 24x7. Our products are currently used in beverage, food, energy and pharmaceutical production. Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, BevSense formerly VitalSensors is engaged in manufacturing a family of market leading, maintenance free, inline sensors. We also produce in-house proprietary software for use with our instruments; creating an easy to use on-line process control system.


BevSense LLC formally VitalSensors technologies has the following technical capabilities.

1. Infrared sensor design

2. Infrared optical filter design

3. Optical bench design

4. Embedded software design

5. Solidstate Spectrometer Design

6. Gas Spectrometer design for Gas Purity Measurements

7. Infrared Testing capabilities

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  • Robert O'Leary President
  • Ray Ciemnieki Vice President of Sales and Marketing
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