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VOSS premium water is bottled at an artesian source in the pristine wilderness of Southern Norway. VOSS is shielded from pollutants for centuries under layers of ice and rock. This pristine aquifer produces naturally pure water, free of sodium, low in minerals and incomparable in taste.
With a clean yet distinct taste and low mineral content, VOSS is recognized as one of the purest bottled waters available. VOSS has been tested to contain a TDS level of 44, which is extremely low in comparison to other leading bottled waters.
Designed by the former Creative Director for Calvin Klein, the iconic cylindrical VOSS glass bottle has pioneered the ultra premium bottled water industry as the exclusive choice in purity, luxury and design. The award-winning bottle is inspired by the purity of VOSS’ untouched source and the simplicity of classic Scandinavian design. Distributed exclusively through high-end restaurants, hotels and select gourmet retail accounts, VOSS is available in Still and Lightly Sparkling in 100% recyclable glass bottle.
Voss continues its legacy as the leader in quality, taste and style with the introduction of three distinct high-grade plastic (PET) bottles available in Still in 850ml, 500ml & 330ml sizes. Inspired by the luxurious Voss glass bottle, each PET bottle is specially designed to offer the functionality of durable PET while conveying the premium image of glass at a price that is sensitive to today’s market conditions.

Company News

Voss Water Adds Two Flavored Sparkling Waters

The team at VOSS conducted extensive research and created two all-natural flavors that are delicious on their own or would be the perfect complement to a variety of spirits. These unique flavor combinations pair well with all types of meals from Asian fusion to the classic steak and potatoes.

Voss Water Sells Majority Stake to Reignwood Group

Voss CEO Jack Belsito discussed the investment in a call with BevNET Monday evening, saying that the company had begun scouting potential strategic investors about a year ago, eventually connecting with Reignwood Group via Goldman Sachs, which served as an advisor to Voss throughout the process.

NACS 2015 Video: Voss Finds Its Flavor

Premium water brand Voss has introduced its first flavored line extensions. Packaged in Voss’ cylindrical glass bottles, Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass joined the brand’s subset of sparkling waters.

VOSS Water Announces Summer Promotion, Prizes

VOSS Water of Norway today announced its 2014 summer promotion. The SPIN AND WIN “Drink in the Midnight Sun” promotion will engage consumers though heavy social media and point-of-sale in U.S retail stores.

NACS: Natural Brands Aim for Growth in C-Stores

ITO EN, VOSS, Balance Water and Ayala's Herbal Water, to name a few, hope to spearhead what they believe is the gradually changing inventory of C-stores, and they did so in the halls of the Georgia International Convention Center, tucked between rows of companies peddling e-cigarettes and microwaveable fried chicken.

VOSS Executives Join First Lady in Encouraging Water Consumption

VOSS Chairman John Shulman and Chief Executive Officer Jack Belsito joined the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), of which The First Lady is the honorary chair, in Watertown, Wisconsin to announce an initiative encouraging Americans to improve their health and well-being every day by drinking more water.
The effort has the combined support of many domestic bottled water brands.  Among the 14 brands VOSS …

Bottling Luxury – Why High End Water is Hot

It’s been proven time and time again that in blind taste tests, under equal conditions, the average person is rarely able to distinguish between tap water and bottled water. So if taste isn’t why consumers are drawn to high-end water brands, what is it? Like a fancy car, it’s the packaging, and not what’s under the hood (or bottle cap), which most people crave. In the $10 billion plus world of bottled water, branding is everything. And for premium waters, everything begins with the bottle.

VOSS Water Receives $18 Million in Growth Funding From New Investors

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — VOSS, the Norwegian bottled water company, announced today that they have raised $18 million in strategic funding led by new investors, Juggernaut Capital Partners, L.P. and Centra Capital AS. The additional funding will go towards the company’s continued growth within the U.S. and Norway, along with further expansion in key international markets.

VOSS, artesian water from Norway, was …

The Flow: ABA Finds ads “Misleading”; Vibranz reviewed


  • The American Beverage Association denounced new NYC subway ads that are intended to raise awareness of sodas’ nutritional content as “misleading.” Link
  • Vibranz Kombucha, the first raw kombucha brand to return to Whole Foods Shelves, was reviewed by BevNET. Link


  • The Chill Group, Inc has launched Just Chill, a natural relaxation beverage that contains L-Theanine and other vitamins and minerals.