Wave Energy Drink


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Wave Energy Drink is Vitamin fueled, which take you on the wildest ride of your life. It’s the entire splash without the crash! Wave was created after years of research to be the best-tasting all-natural energy drink available. Wave’s unmistakable fruit-infused flavor is available in Original and Sugar-Free in both 16oz. and on-site 5.5oz. Cans. Whether it’s an all-nighter, extreme sports, or partying till dawn, Wave keeps you up and at em’. Wave was founded in 2008.Visit tastethewave.com for more information.Wave Energy Drinks are sold in convenience stores, grocery chains, restaurants, bars, drug stores and coffee shops. Wave Energy Drink is also heavily involved in sports marketing, sponsoring two NASCAR teams, a Professional Angler and a touring band for its promotional event tours. Wave Energy Drink is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

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