Xtreme Shock™


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For the First time in the history of energy drinks, ANSI is introducing the most radical drink of its kind, XTREME SHOCK™. Get super-charged with the only "Energy Sensation" drink that amps your body with unlimited energy and literally Shocks (electrical like currents) you from head to toe!!!

Our Customers are saying its the "Coolest drink on Earth!" Each 12 FL OZ. non-carbonated, sugar-free Fruit Punch, Grape and Mandarin Orange flavor will have you SHOCKED in less than 15 minutes, WE GUARANTEE IT!!! Intended for the bodybuilder or athlete at first, Xtreme Shock™ does more than shock your body, it gives intense energy, increases stamina, accelerates fat loss and buffers lactic acid, which means more reps and explosive strength gains.

So...if you are tired of those other - so called energy drinks and are looking for a change, try XTREME SHOCK™ and get ready for the "SHOCK" of your life.

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